How it works

At We Fund It, we want to make it easy for you invest into property projects right from the convenience of your device. You can invest as easily as shopping on Amazon or browsing your favorite websites. We screen the projects for you to make sure you have access to the most rewarding projects there are, all you need to do is sign up, deposit funds and watch your money grow on our platform.

  1. Open an account

    Open a secure online account at We Fund It. It’s free and easy. We have automated the KYC procedures so this shouldn't take you more than a few clicks.

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  2. Explore the opportunity

    Browse through our screened, verified and evaluated list of opportunities. We're adding new projects every week so make sure you check the website frequently. If a new projects comes up, we send you a mail right away.

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  3. Invest your money

    Decide how much you would like to invest. Deposit from as little as €1,000. You can chose an individual project or select our innovative AutoInvest feature, where you can select projects based on your predefined criteria.

  4. Receive your income

    If the loan is fully funded by investors, your personal WeFundIt account will be credited with the repayment plus interest as of project terms which are transparent and clear.
    Because WeFund!T offers fixed interest rates on all loans, you can be sure that you will get your principal and interest paid back on time and conveniently.

  5. Watch it’s performance

    You can track the performance of each and every investment you make via the dashboards on our website. You can see the status of it and how much money it has already generated for you. If you don't like it for some reason or need the funds for something else, simply sell the project on the secondary market - powered by our platform.

Beyond traditional investing

Our real estate team works directly with our investment committee to scrutinize every asset against hundreds of data points. We apply due diligence principles gleaned from decades of experience in commercial real estate.


Get started with as low as €1,000. You can choose a perfect opportunity with the highest interest rates. Re-invest your interest, or have it paid into your bank account. Some example projects are single and multi family homes, warehouses, solar power plants, gas stations, electric car chargers and many more. It's intuitive and simple.

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Alternative financing with or without collateral under flexible terms which you feel most comfortable about. From as little as €50,000 to €2,000,000, we provide the best loan services for your particular needs. We're focused on mezzanine capital which will bridge the gap between your own equity and a bank financing. We understand your needs, so contact us with confidence.

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